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  • Who are your ideal prospects?
  • Which channel(s) should you use to reach them?
  • What ROI can you expect?
  • Where should you start?
  • How can you get more out of your existing database?
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These are among the questions LDMI can help you answer during our Initial Strategy Session. E-mail or call Jim Lawrence This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 540-349-9278 right now to get started.

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Our creative approach starts with powerful copywriting supported by elegant design. We pair experienced copywriters with experienced designers to craft the ideal message, tone and look for you.

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If your existing creative is in need of a new approach or you are just getting started, E-mail or call Jim Lawrence james@lawrencedirect.com at 540-349-9278 right now to get started.

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We don’t produce your winning appeals. We find the right vendors, with the right capabilities, for the right price, and in the needed timeline; and then we manage them to produce your winning multi-channel appeals .

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E-mail or call Jim Lawrence james@lawrencedirect.com at 540-349-9278 right now to get started.

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One of the biggest mistakes made in direct marketing is failing to accurately measure and interpret results. Our experienced team of data-professionals loves crunching numbers.

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Each action we take on your behalf will be coded separately, tracked, ROI measured, professionally reported and interpreted through back-end analysis. Our job is to test, refine and repeat. E-mail or call Jim Lawrence james@lawrencedirect.com at 540-349-9278 right now to analyze your way to better results.

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"We have been a customer of Lawrence Direct since the late eighties. Initially they authored, produced and mailed a newsletter for us that became the... Read more...
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About LDMI

Lawrence Direct Marketing, Inc. was founded in 1987 as a full-service direct response agency.

LDMI Founder and President E. Michael Lawrence has been professionally active in the direct response field since 1966, when he helped to launch Triumph magazine, a monthly journal of Catholic thought, through direct mail circulation promotion and fundraising.

In 1976, Mike Lawrence joined Wiland Services, Inc., (WSI) a direct mail database management and data processing services company. He left WSI 11 years later as Executive Vice President - Operations, and a member of the company's Board of Directors, to form LDMI.

In 2002, Mike's son, James, joined LDMI after a career in high-tech sales. He first worked in the list management and brokerage department, then launched LDMI's online division and is now Vice-President of Client Services.

Located in Warrenton, VA, about an hour west of Washington, D.C., LDMI today offers its select group of non-profit, B to B and B to C clients deeply-experienced strategic input, breakthrough creative and hands-on personal attention.


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