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People Together-8.jpgSocial Media is a place where you (and your non-profit) meet your friends, catch up, and say hello. One of the advantages to much of social media is that it is so informal. This is great, but that does not mean a non-profit does need to do some serious work on social media.

Today, the StayClassy blog posted some great ideas on ways to use social media. You can check out the blog here:

There's a lot of great tips on this post but one that we at we feel is very important is saying thank you. Your supporters do a lot for you, and should be recognized. So take some time, and call them out. Thank them periodically; for supporting you and your work. Remember, without them you really could NOT do the work that you do.

Also, here’s a free ebook to help increase you Facebook likes. Its a great refresher on some of the basics of Facebook.


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