Total charitable giving in 2014 was $358.38 billion. 72% of charitable giving came from individuals. There was a 7.1% increase in charitable giving. Giving by individuals increased by 5.7%. 15% of charitable giving came from foundations. 8% of charitable giving came from bequests (planned giving). 5% of charitable giving came from corporations. Giving by foundations increased by 8.2%. Giving by bequest (planned giving) increased by 15.5%. Giving by corporations increased by 13.7%. Source: Giving USA 2015 Annual Report on Philanthropy
Twitter and Square launched a new donation system on Tuesday morning, allowing users to send donations to United States politicians through a tweet. The system will only be available to those in the United States.
Bold statement, and one that I agree with, from NonProfit Pro. "This is where you really need to practice empathy. Empathy, quite simply, is placing yourself in someone else’s shoes. You are trying to understand who they are so you can better relate to them. Here are some ways to empathize with an older major donor."  
"Almost three years ago, American Cancer Society made either a visionary decision or a massive boneheaded mistake. They did so very publicly, and everyone in the fundraising industry was interested. It was a big deal. They suspended direct mail donor acquisition. And they generously promised to be open about what happened and why. They stopped direct mail acquisition in January 2013 and restarted June 2014. " So what happended? Wait for it... "New donors dropped by 11% New donor revenue dropped by $11.3 million in the first year The five-year impact on income: $29.5 million The ACS Relay for Life raised $25 million less than the previous year"
Another great post by Future Fundraising Now "Your donors don't give because you're great. They give to put their values to work and make the world a better place. When your fundraising is about how great your organization is, you're just being irrelevant. As the Ask Thank Report Repeat blog says, Raise more money -- Talk about the Need, not yourself: Raise more money by telling donors what they want to hear. Your donors don't care how special your organization is, and telling your donors your organization is unique doesn't help you raise money. That's because most donors care more about 1) who needs help, and 2) the improvement in the beneficiary's life if the donor gives a gift. Talk about the change in the world your donors can make. That's why they give."  

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Featured Testimonial

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