"Many scatterbrained MGOs and development folks are cultivating 400-500 people, thinking they can be effective. They are not. In fact they are failing. No one cultivating 400-500 donors is successful. So after helping them qualify these donors, we get them to a manageable 150 donors. Correct time allocation — Even 150 donors is tough to manage correctly. We know that 50% of a person’s time has to be spent on their best donors in order to be successful. That is why we tier donors in A, B and C levels, to focus the MGO’s time correctly. This is extremely important. Without this structure, scatterbrained people will spend their time with anyone, for any length of time. This is not a wise use of time and money." http://tinyurl.com/q6v5rmc  

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Featured Testimonial

Featured Testimonial

Lawrence Direct Marketing took over our direct mail fundraising at the beginning of 2014, and in less than three years have built an annual array... Read more...

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