Here are ten suggestions from the Bloomerang blog, compliments of Future Fundraising1. Subject line. Remember what it's for: To get people to open the email.2. Clean images with small file sizes.3. Personalized greeting. Use the recipient's name. Unless you know things are likely to go awry.4. Donor-centric tone. Make it about them, not you.5. Specific appeal. As them to do one specific thing.6. Suggest donation amounts.7. Communicate impact. Show them they can make a difference.8. Short -- get them to your website.9. Personalized signature.10. Style and grammar rules don't apply. Warmth, urgency, and connection do.Source: article:    
Great article and unfortunately all too familiar with some of these signs. "Don't we all want fundraising that provides reliable, consistent revenue? Money we can count on year after year?Sure, but that kind of reliable success doesn't just happen. It takes serious work and commitment. And many organizations have a hard time getting it right.Here are five clues that your fundraising program is going to disappoint you"For all five click here Check out our new ebook to increase your Facebook engagement:  
Marks Paneth, an accounting firm that advises nonprofit clients, used online questionnaires and interviews to survey 114 nonprofit leaders, including chief financial officers and board members. Among the other findings:Thirty-five percent of respondents said email-fundraising campaigns are not an effective replacement for direct-mail appeals. And 82 percent said they are concerned that increased dependence on digital fundraising is hampering their ability to communicate effectively with their supporters. Read our new free ebook to increase Facebook Engagaement:  
Another great post by Future Fundraising Now"Your donors don't give because you're great. They give to put their values to work and make the world a better place.When your fundraising is about how great your organization is, you're just being irrelevant.As the Ask Thank Report Repeat blog says, Raise more money -- Talk about the Need, not yourself:Raise more money by telling donors what they want to hear. Your donors don't care how special your organization is, and telling your donors your organization is unique doesn't help you raise money. That's because most donors care more about 1) who needs help, and 2) the improvement in the beneficiary's life if the donor gives a gift.Talk about the change in the world your donors can make. That's why they give."    
"If your site isn't fully optimized for mobile devices, you will likely see a hit to your ranking on mobile searches", if you have responsive design you will be OK. Responsive design is where the site recognizes the device the visitor is on and shows a version of the page that is optimized for the screen size.  

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Featured Testimonial

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